Innovation Training


Roger La Salle is a professional speaker and has presented at conferences and events the world over. With audiences of up to 5,000 and three TED talks to his credit he is regarded as one of the foremost speakers on his topics of innovation, opportunity capture, business building and innovation training. As a past CEO of the Victorian Innovation Centre in Australia and present Director, “Chair of Innovation” at The Queenms University, Belfast and a former regular panellist on the ABC television program “The New Inventors” his credentials are unchallenged.

Roger’s extensive experience in the Government sector and businesses ranging from start-ups, through SME’s to large multinationals gives him the credentials to speak with great depth on the subject. His knowledge also extends to product development and the commercialisation of new ideas. With many patents and successful innovations brought to market Roger has the ability to make the complex seem simple. He will inspire and inform with his keynote addresses and innovation training.

You will be spellbound as you see opportunities materialise before your very eyes as Roger speaks and draws on a white board. Roger’s “Futurism” work is not the abstraction of fanciful flying cars, antigravity boots, brain reading computers and the like but is mathematically precise in the plot of an industries trajectory over time and the extrapolation to a predictable future.

Some Keynote Topics:

⦿ Innovate or Perish.
⦿ The Innovation Imperative.
⦿ Taking your business to the next level.
⦿ Business Building – It’s systematic and simple.
⦿ Services – Can these be Innovated?
⦿ Innovation - What is it and how do you do it?
⦿ Marketing – How to remove the single biggest risk in business.
⦿ Marketing - Finding the “touch points”.
⦿ What is an opportunity - how do you systematically search for one?
⦿ Moving your people from operators to opportunists.
⦿ Business trajectory – The future.
⦿ Management reporting and proper KPI selection.
⦿ Innovation – getting your people involved in the journey.