Innovation Training

We first coined the true definition of innovation in the late 1990's and it was widely published in Roger La Salle’s first book soon after. Our definition of innovation speaks of how to remove the single biggest risk in business – market risk.

Innovation - “Change that Adds Value".

We are delighted to see that so many other practitioners and consulting firms worldwide have now adopted this definition.

Our program is comprehensive and can be tailored to the specific needs of your organisation. We recognise that no two organisations are exactly the same. We work to understand your organisation, your people, your strategy intent, your present approach to innovation and your culture as we engage your people on the exciting and fulfilling journey of innovation and the new paradigm of "Opportunity Capture". It's vital that before we decide where our innovation efforts should be targeted we first need to explore the opportunity landscape. Thus the term "Opportunity Capture" now forms a key part of our innovation training since "Nothing happens - without first an opportunity". We have worked in all industry sectors including manufacturing, design, technology, science, services such as banks and airlines, agriculture, food, packaging, publishing and even charities.


Our work inspires your innovation capability end to end and is underpinned by our
“Immersion Program”©
We explore with your team
● Strategy - Culture and Tactics
● KPI’s and alignment
● Opportunities
● Products
● Processes
● Services
● Marketing
● IP
● Product Diffusion

We don't just talk about innovation, we actually do it! We practise what we preach and operate our own product development hub. We commercialise our own products as anybody that knows us will testify. We get involved in creation, product development, IP, marketing and commercialisation.
We understand business from idea to market and create innovation champions as we work.