Innovation Training

Experience is best defined as “knowledge gained from having already been there”.


The world of business can be likened to a battle. Indeed some of the largest companies in the USA use former military generals as advisors. Why - because strategy and tactics should form a major element of your endeavours to build your business. Former military people are often skilled in situation analysis and strategy development.

There is an old saying, "build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door" unfortunately this is simply not true.

Many companies and individuals have the right product but fail none the less. It is essential to properly understand the landscape in which you and your competitors operate and to use this as a basis for planning your strategic approach and developing the tactics necessary for success.

Proper planning, timing and execution is essential and our program founded on innovation training opens the door to the world of business opportunity, strategy and tactics.

Our experience with clients speaks volumes to this work – feel free to call us for more information and to get an idea of the depth of knowledge and experience we bring to business.

We help people find the best questions, for without that, there can be no best solution!”.