Innovation Training

Innovation Culture.


Culture must start
from the very top and pervade the organisation like the sweet smell of chocolate trickling down a fountain.


Culture is the essence of your business and is best defined as -

The Rules both written and unwritten that guide people’s behaviour”. Whilst it may be one thing to have a properly stated mission, are your people all “on board” with that and aligned to your goals with a culture that supports your endeavours. This is critical. To really make innovation a part of the everyday thinking within your organisation, it needs to become part of your cultural DNA.

We need to understand how your people are thinking and what drives them. Is it just a job or a place to be excited about being involved with and is the culture aligned with your missions?

For example, would the culture of a team comedy writers be appropriate for an airline or hospital? Would McDonalds survive if it's people were not attuned to friendliness, cleanliness and rapid consistent service?

The culture of Louis Vuitton is about brand, image and expensive goods. Their people are selected on their ability to represent that brand. This is their culture and if you are not on board with it there is no place for you in their organisation. What would happen if Louis Vuitton started selling cheap imported leather goods from India or China?

Culture is vital to succeeding with your strategic intent.

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