Innovation Training

Innovation Training is only of value if real bottom line outcomes are delivered.

Our innovation training always delivers - that's our guarantee.
Some examples of our work below (click on the issue to see the outcome)

Banking and the financing of construction projects - Singapore
Outcome: Dramatically reduced the bank liability and reduced project approval lead time by many months
Aviation and training of pilots and flight attendants - Istanbul
Outcome: Established an equation to measure training efficiency then used that to identify improvements with drastically improved examination pass rates
The oil industry for domestic heating - EU
Outcome: Removed bill shock theft and short fills and developed an IT platform that is revolutionising the oil industry
Electronic assembly issue of faults - Australia
Outcome: Developed optical detector to highlight visible faults compared with a standard
Kitchen bench construction and issue of edge joins with stone bench tops – Australia
Outcome: Worked with the company to develop and patent a new routed edging solution for stone bench tops that separates this company from all others
Modular rapid build housing – Australia
Outcome: Pre wired assemblies for electricals, water and gas
Domestic heating – Australia
Outcome: Hidden air reticulation system to dramatically reduced heating expense
Telephone lines maintenance and fault finding – Australia – Asia –EU – USA
Outcome: Developed and patented a new instrument with payback to the user in just ten working days and reduced fault repair costs by an order of magnitude
Time technology providing precise time to any device anywhere – Australia – Singapore
Outcome: The patented Telechron system with a distributed wireless time technology delivered at no cost – compared with $1,000,000 annually in the EU.
Motor vehicle safety – Australia – Taiwan
Outcome: New car brake light now the subject of patent application and given a glowing review for enhanced vehicle safety after RACV trials.
Marketing in the telecoms – Asia Pacific
Outcome: Implemented a new initiative in conjunction with a major bank that literally obliterated the new emerging competitor.
Marketing of high quality consumables – EU
Outcome: Used the “Opportunity Matrix” to identify the real market and rolled this out with quantitative metrics and created an entirely new distribution network.
Lighting, Heating and appliance manufacture - Turkey – EU
Outcome: Many issues resolved in a single one day session including a new product to relieve the single biggest issue with front loading washing machines. Other innovations that facilitates greater safety monitoring and early detection of compromised air conditioning ducts.
Food packaging and delivery – a new package that became an IT ICON – South America
Outcome: The problem, how to make a low cost heat insulated food package. In one workshop we asked a better question (requestion) then introduced a new IT solution that trebled their business in weeks
Accommodation – Australia UK.          
Outcome: An amazing solution to increase low weekend accommodation rates in motel venues by use of the “Opportunity Matrix” - an amazing marketing tool. This solution has now been widely implemented.