Innovation Training

Some client comments and feedback.

"Wow! Roger held an audience of NAB People & Culture team members spellbound with his insightful, action oriented approach to innovation. Applying lateral thinking, he sees opportunities everywhere and turns complexity and the threat of the unknown into exciting business opportunities. Without doubt Roger La Salle is one of the most inspirational speakers and writers of our time."
Mr Jim Young,
Executive General Manager
National Australia Bank
People and Culture, Group Business Services

Dear Roger,
Roger LaSalle presented to a Business Development Group made up of senior decision makers and their teams from varying industries in Dandenong. As the organiser, I specifically select speakers who ‘walk the talk’ – the Doers rather than the talkers. Roger easily meets this requirement. Written feedback from the group following Rogers presentation included; ‘exceptional’, ’excellent’ and 10/10’. Particular reference was made by delegates to the ‘Opportunity Matrix’ and ‘Innovation is change that adds value’ as being of specific benefit to them.

As the group organiser, I would add that Roger knows his topic well and has a knack for simplifying what is perceived as a complex subject into something that delegates can make immediate use of in their work. If you decide to work with Roger I believe you have made a good decision.

Martin Bailey, Word of Mouth Marketing Australia.
Kind regards,

Martin Bailey
Mob: 0432 997017

Hi Roger,
It´s amazing what you do. I have created many workshops - too philosophical or "creative" maybe - but you blew my mind, yesterday.
Thanks a lot! How can I work with you?
Alfredo Durán M.
cell. 310 7718783
home: 2163810 , Bogotá – Colombia

Re: IDG Conference – Pune India
Dear Roger, greetings!!!
It was an inspiring session by you during the CIO event and great to meet you.
Request: please send me a copy of your slides.
Best regards
V. Subramanian (Subbu)
Director: CIO Board Member Global Business IT leader

"Roger's presentation to our major Belfast innovation conference was a great hit, his material is invaluable, a must for all business people."
Mr. Bob Barbour
Chief Executive Officer, Centre for Competitiveness, Belfast, Ireland

As a Spanish to English translator in South America I have worked with many experts.
Indeed, in South America we seem to have an endless troupe of American and European experts preaching innovation and entrepreneurship at conferences and universities, including many who are well-recognized names in those fields. I had the unique pleasure of working at many events with Roger La Salle and his Matrix Thinking methodology. His material, presentations and workshops are without any doubt the most engaging, simplest and valuable method I have ever experienced. In fact during his work I found it quite impossible not to come up with the next big thing in any of the many market sectors he touched on, and this was evident also within the groups he worked with. This material is invaluable and directly targeted at practical outcomes for businesses of any type. I commend this highly.
Tjebbe Donner
Official Translator and Interpreter
Mobile: (+57) 315 5590755
Medellin, Colombia.

.... The last two days I attended a fantastic course on "Matrix Thinking" taught by Mr Roger La Salle. His lessons really blew my mind in how to identify everyday problems and innovate to make them viable businesses and opportunities. ......
Jason Yip
Business Development Executive
A-Star- Singapore (A-Star is the CSIRO of Singapore)

Thought provoking insights on innovating intangibles, from one of the best innovation thinkers of our time. A must for all service Industry professional
Mr Chetan S Wakalkar
Founder Trustee & Group Director
Indira Group of Institutes
Pune, India

“For the third time, Roger has visited Turkey and presented at our International conference and for the third time reviews have been outstanding. Without doubt his Matrix Thinking tools lead the world as business tools in their power and simplicity. The outcomes are amazing “
Selim Guven
Secretary General
KalDer - Turkish Society for Quality
Istanbul, Turkey

Roger, once again you have delivered and outstanding event to the family businesses in Glasgow. This is the second time and we are working to have you back again as soon as possible.
Your understanding of innovation and the need and way to embed that in family businesses through successive generations is total.
Thanks and best regards
Professor Renee Reid
Caledonian Family Business Centre
Glasgow University, Scotland

Dear Roger
We received excellent feedback from you session. In fact, one person told us that it was the best session that she has ever attended…….. A number of senior leaders have told me that their staff returned from the session enthused and reinvigorated. I don’t think we could have asked for more!!
Also, we had 86 people in the room on the day and 80 people viewing online. Since then, the video has been viewed 115 further times. This is brilliant!
Thank you again.
Claire Roennfeldt
Director, Innovation Section
Strategy and Governance Branch, Executive Division
Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Thanks once again for one of the most engaging training that I have ever attended!
Your ability to pick up examples from real life is unparalleled. …. The team was particularly impressed with your style of delivering content. You kept the room energized and engaged for 2 straight days with your insightful and outcome focused methods. Matrix Thinking around identifying opportunities and asking the right questions are few things which we have already started applying. Thank you for your effort, would love to work with you again in future!
Look forward to catching up when you are in Sydney next.
Umesh Pahwa
Vice President GENPACT
329, Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000 Australia
C +61 430-552-807

HI Roger,
Many thanks for your session at the CSDAA Convention. Spot on topic,
Reality and Innovation at its very best.
We have had excellent feedback from all. Well done.
Lloyd J Williams
Managing Director.
Traxx Construction Products
Unit 4/1 Rocklea Drive,
Port Melbourne. Victoria 3207, Australia.

"... inspirational, a great presentation..."
Mr. James Yong
Sales Manager, Isolectra Far East, Singapore

Roger's presentation was the best "business" training event I have been to in a long time.
His personal experiences and journey as an innovator authenticates his ideas and suggestions. I have already started adopting the "matrix" approach to innovating some of our products.
I would strongly recommend the government holding another training session and introducing Roger to other companies in the area.
Tim Knowles
Enware Australia Pty Limited
Sydney, Australia

HI Roger, Thanks,
Brilliant course for everybody in the workforce, whether private of Government.
Henry Mohe,
Manager - Road Safety Council
Port Moresby – PNG

Your presentation to our delegates was inspiring. Our group is made up of many industry segments with a variety of interest levels. To engage such an audience is a true gift. You completely captured them with your energy. Your ability to connect to a variety of personalities, cultures, and ages is a true gift. Feedback from attendees has been very positive. Thank you for making my job easier by delivering a presentation which caught everyone’s attention. It would be fabulous to work with you again.
Ana Drougas
Rotational Molding Association of Australasia

The sessions with Roger were very valuable as they simplified the key elements of innovative thinking as a process for identifying improvements that can be made to both products and processes.
The matrices are an excellent guide for teams embarking on projects designed to identify such improvements and we are looking forward to applying these principles in our next project.
Best regards,
Patrick Collins
Operations Director, Foxconn Australia
Phone: +61 2 8832 6102
Mobile: +61 417 469 110

“Roger La Salle recently presented on the topic of “Innovate or Perish” at the Innovation Centre of Western Australia. His approach to innovation is fresh, bold and wonderful in that it deconstructs so many of the “overthought” approaches to how we innovate.
Roger managed to demystify many of the innovation myths, whilst providing a convincing argument as to why innovation needs to be at the core of all our business decisions.
Our audience walked away energised and enthusiastic – I would highly recommend you expose your organisation to Roger’s approach to innovation”.
Pia Turcinov
Executive Officer
Innovation Centre of Western Australia

Your keynote presentation “Innovation – The Essence of Business Success” rated as the conference highlight on the conference survey completed by delegates”
Kim Hackwood
General Manager AALARA
(Australian Amusement, Leisure and Recreation Association Gold Coast Conference)

“Facing a challenging audience of Australian fruit growers, Roger not only managed to raise the energy in the room up a few notches but he delivered on our key conference objective – to open the minds of Australian fruit growers to the possibility of innovation! Roger is a thoroughly engaging speaker and in my opinion would be a valuable contributor to any event wanting to promote change/innovation.” –
Richelle Zealley APAL Communications Manager

“We are always looking for practical, relevant and outcome focused methods to drive value out of innovation programs – but we rarely find them. Roger has delivered yet another systematic and structured approach to ideation applied to the ever growing services industry.”
Matt McIntyre, General Manager, Innovation Academy, Deloitte

Hi Roger,
The results from the surveys from your conference presentation out of 5 were as follows:
Your Average - Info/Content 4.58
Your Average -Presentation 4.75
Your Average - Overall 4.67
Congratulations, this is an outstanding result considering the average for all other speakers was just 4.
Best regards
Dave Cullen
Australian Exhibitions & ConferenLtdces Pty

We found the system an excellent approach to developing innovative ideas from customers, service agents, engineers and sales staff. The normal brainstorming method is only a distant second in comparison to his innovation process.
We used if for the Strategic Planning Conference and managed to get some outstanding out of the box ideas in just half a day…
Paul Mracek
Managing Director (retired) Fasco Asia Pacific
(A Division of General Electric - RegaInt’ll-Beloit Electric Motors

“Roger provided an enjoyable presentation on the importance of innovation, supported by simple but powerful applications. Our management team thoroughly enjoyed Rogers presenting style and we look forward to working together again to streamline our service offering”.
John E Dalton
General Manager Industrial Services Victoria
Veolia Environmental Services (Australia) Pty Ltd

Roger presented to our members meeting last week. His session was captivating and inspiring to say the least. People were amazed by the simplicity and power of his tools, the feedback was fantastic. His material on the Opportunity Matrix opened doors to thinking that were quite remarkable.
Amit Menghani,
President - Young Aviation Aerospace Australia.

Roger La Salle redefined innovation as “change that adds value” and presented his simple but extremely powerful “Matrix Thinking” tool in his first book on the innovation of tangibles. Now he has addressed the intangibles – the increasingly bigger part of the economy where “ideas and services” are the future. This material is original, and in my view” gold” for the services sector.
'Dr. Rajen. M,
CEO, Holista Colltech Limited, Australia

Your presentation was great and extremely well received. With regard to the evaluations, as mentioned five 10s, four 9s and one 8, which is first rate. Comments from members:
1. ‘Passion was infectious. Roger obviously loves what he does’.
2. ‘Very simple, the KISS theory’
3. ‘Roger was great’
4. ‘All good’
5. ‘Excellent’
Andrew Dalziel, Syndicate Chairman

"Roger's interactive presentation in our recent conference was truly enlightening. He delivered a simple yet powerful message full of anecdotes and real examples. No overheads or PowerPoint for this fellow, he just walks and talks and doodles on a white board as he reveals the secrets of innovation and opportunism.”
Mark Debevc
Acoustic Product Leader, Boral Australia Limited

Roger, just a short note to thank you for the fabulous interactive presentation at the ICN National Conference last month. Our internal survey confirmed that your information and delivery style were absolutely the highlight of the event. You left our people with both the motivation and the tools to understand and implement innovation in our business.
Thanks again.
Peter Yates. Chief Executive Officer, ICN - Victoria

“Neumann Steel has recently completed a two day program in innovation and opportunity conducted by Roger La Salle. This was really quite motivating and stimulated many new initiatives during the session.
Roger’s ‘real life’ examples and experiences provided a base for our employees to explore and convert to the current and future of our workforce. In the current market place and to remain competitive this is vital to ensure future growth for organisations.”
Jane Olson
HR Manager, Neumann Steel Pty Ltd

“Thank you for your inspiring presentation to our members Roger. The feedback has been excellent. Anyone who missed the seminar missed something truly valuable to their business. During these current tough times, learning how to capture opportunities will prove invaluable.”
Heather Dowling
Executive Officer, Family Business Australia – SA Chapter

“I participated in the NorthLink Group Innovation program conducted by Roger La Salle with his Matrix Thinking tools.
The information and insights I received from these sessions were a real eye opener. Subsequently Roger made several visits to my company and with out doubt as a result we have now moved to a new level.
We have a better telephone interface to customers, new marketing material, a new part time semi retired ex tool maker salesman, a very high tech patented new mechanical lock we are involved in developing and are not working with a customer we have for years been trying to win.
The program has been a real asset to my business and I would absolutely recommend it to anybody in business.”
Shane Kelly,
Managing Director, Bredo Mators

…. your presentation was spellbinding.
I know everybody there enjoyed it and wanted more. Unfortunately we had to finish at 8pm.
I sincerely hope we could have you again.
Henry Santamaria
Team Manager, Logistics,

“I was involved in the NorthLink Group Innovation program conducted by Roger La Salle with his “La Salle Matrix Thinking” tools.
I found these session to be extremely informative and stimulating, and really took a lot away from them.
Since then, management and staff had participated in a half day innovation workshop which was a great way to quickly expand our portfolio of new ideas. Matrix Thinking is a fantastic business tool that we will strongly consider for ongoing in-house use".
Sophie Sumner
Applications and Development Engineer, Sealed Air - Cryovac

“………. we do endorse the program you brought to our business.
More importantly members that were present at the in-house sessions have become more willing participants in our business & the business is moving forward at a much faster rate than I could have wished for.
Roger the best part now is I can take a back seat & not worry any more, so I cannot be any happier.
Thank you for your efforts as it was certainly worth the exercise.”
Ron Beadle
Managing Director, KLE Australia

On behalf of the Association of land Development Engineers, we extend to you our thanks for your presentation at our National Conference held on the Gold Coast. Your presentation “Product Innovation & Greater Business Opportunity” was well received by our Members and Delegates and rated as the Conference highlight.
We now look forward to having you present again to our full membership in Melbourne.
Stephen A. Hopper
Business Co-ordinator
Association of Land Development Engineers

‘Roger La Salle presented ‘Innovate or Perish’ at a recent Family Business conference. Roger’s approach to innovation is so stimulating and original that the delegates were furiously taking notes throughout the session. Roger is not only a respected international expert in the field of innovation and opportunity capture, he is also a gifted communicator who had the audience spellbound from go to the last second of his presentation. I would highly recommend Roger as an engaging and entertaining speaker. His knowledge and expertise on innovation, coupled with his powerful and energetic delivery, created a memorable session at our Family Business conference’.
Imelda Bergin
Family Business Association
Chief Executive Officer for NSW

Your presentation was fantastic.
I started reading your books and love the way you are approaching the whole area of innovation. I do a lot of work in the area of strategic consulting and problem solving with executives. My specialty is working on problems that are seen as extremely difficult/challenging/expensive and work to find the easiest and simplest way forward. I enjoyed your matrix and the questions behind them, they are extremely elegant and I appreciate the power of the questions.
I've just lent the books to my partner who works for a fruit distribution company as innovation is critical to their business--I'm sure it will be invaluable to them.
Philip Pryor
Fortinberry Murray
Sydney office: + 61 2 8920 8087, US office: + 1 775 321 8236

“I would also like to comment on Roger’s excellent delivery style which I found to be very down to earth and inspiring at the same time. His passion for innovation highlighted by the “throwing out” of ideas and challenges to the group shone though.”
Tim Anderson
Optimatics, Adelaide, South Australia

On behalf of the Caravan and Camping Industry Association of NSW, I would like to thank you for presenting at our recent Annual Conference, A Changing World – and how to profit from it, which was held in Wollongong.
Feedback received from conference delegates has been very positive.
Roger you really were one of the highlights of our conference. Well done!
Jane Furner
Industry Development Manager, CCIA

“As our Family Company enters its 4th Generation, it was imperative to gather and maintain the interest and attention of our younger family members at our recent Family Forum. Roger certainly achieved this as he said he would, by engaging them in conversation and stimulating them with his exciting ideas”.
Margie Hill (3rd Generation)
Event Co-ordinator
Dyson Group of Companies

Really enjoyed your presentation at the Quest Conference in Melbourne, could have listened to you all day…………….
Ron Schroeder, Quest Bunbury

…I was the moderator for your session. I have to say that you presentation was fantastic and everyone though it was the highlight of the two day event….
I have spoken to the divisional deputy secretaries about holding a departmental workshop on innovation/opportunities, you would be the ideal person to present to the department.
I have also spoken to the state AusIndustry office and they would also like to come along. They also have an event coming up that could use your presence. I also think that there is an opportunity to run an industry event either in conjunction with the DEDT or as a separate event.
We will be in touch shortly....
Keith Wheatland
Executive Director
Industry Capability Network