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Innovation is our business - we teach it - we embed it - we do it.

Mission - Strategy - Culture - Innovation - Opportunity Capture - IP

We work with companies "end to end" we help move your people and business to a better place.

Our work has been embraced and licensed in 29 countries and organisations worldwide.


Principal and Founder.

Innovation Training (Matrix Thinking) was founded in 1999 by Roger La Salle, a qualified Professional Engineer and Business and Marketing Graduate who has been passionate about innovation. Roger is known the world over for his innovation teachings, IP and product development. He has delivered breakthrough outcomes in every imaginable industry including Technology, Research, Banking, Insurance, Polymers chemistry, Food, Packaging, Telecoms, Safety and even Aviation.
A past Chair of Innovation at “The Queens University” in Belfast and former panellist on the ABC television show “The New Inventors” Roger has assembled a deeply experienced team to deliver innovation training, strategy, culture, change management, product development and IP creation.

A team like no others can match.
As Roger says:
* Knowledge is not Wisdom
* Wisdom comes from experience – and no amount of knowledge can match the wisdom
founded on practise and experience.

Our Senior Team of Professionals.


Bill Butcher - Strategy, Innovation and Marketing.

Bill has worked internationally with consumer, business and enterprise markets. His key strengths are Strategy, Innovation, Marketing and Relevance.


Paulo Goncalves de Oliveira - Senior Change Manager.

Paulo is a senior change manager, innovation facilitator and NLP trainer. He is multi-lingual and has worked in multi-nationals worldwide in coaching and change management.


Bahadir Akin - Manufacturing Innovation and Quality.

Bahadir's experience is vast. He has presided over the introduction of Innovation and Quality Management programs in some of the world's largest manufacturers.


Piet Beukman - Principal Consultant Innovation and program management.

Bill has worked internationally with consumer, business and enterprise markets. His key strengths are Strategy, Innovation, Marketing and Relevance.


Lina Garcia - Commercialisation Facillitation

Lina is deeply experienced in commercial law, mediation, legal advice and agreements.


Greg Maciaszek - Principal Consultant

Greg is a psychologist, entrepreneur and business consultant with 15-years professional experience in culture and innovation change management.


Yet another of Roger's TED talks;
and what a blast.

The audience was in fits of laughter as he exploded some myths about crazy things we do.

It's amazing how a top speaker can entertain, innovate and challenge people's thinking all at the same time!

     Roger La Salle and Worldwide Partners:

Consultants - Trainers - Innovators - Speakers

Some case studies of businesses we have worked with and real outcomes:

Some case studies of businesses we have worked with and real outcomes:
We always deliver value – that’s our Guarantee:
· Banking and the financing of construction projects - Singapore
· Aviation and training of pilots and flight attendants - Istanbul
· The oil industry – a remarkable IT outcome for oil - EU
· Electronic assembly – Faults almost eliminated - Australia
· Kitchen bench construction - Australia
· Modular housing - Australia
· Domestic heating - Australia
· Biomedical instruments - Australia
· Telephone lines maintenance – Australia – Asia –EU - USA
· Time technology – Australia - Singapore
· Motor vehicle safety – Australia - Taiwan
· Marketing in the telecoms – Asia Pacific
· Marketing of high quality consumables - EU
· Lighting, Heating and appliance manufacture - Turkey - EU
· Food packaging and delivery – a new package that became an IT ICON – South America
· Accommodation – Australia UK. Accounting - Malaysia
· Cell phone customer retention – Asia Pacific. Banking trade finance – Malaysia

There is no value in training people in innovation and working with companies on the innovation journey unless we achieve tangible outcomes, or in real terms, improved profits.

Innovation training and culture change is about increasing shareholder value. Unless you achieve that as part of your innovation training endeavours, the effort and the investment has been wasted - the ROI always tells the story.


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