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Our Innovation Training will inspire your people to think differently and deliver new value you would never have thought possible.
We do this by teaching the use and application of our world renowned tools for “Innovation and Opportunity Capture”.

Roger La Salle, the creator of Matrix Thinking, in 2020 was rated as one of the top ten speakers on “Innovation” in Australia

Innovation is our business - we teach it - we embed it - we do it.

Mission - Strategy - Culture - Innovation - Opportunity Capture - IP
We work with companies "end to end" we help move your people and business to a better place.
Our work has been embraced and licensed in 29 countries and organisations worldwide.


Keynotes and Speaking

With many patents and successful innovations brought to market Roger has the ability to make the complex seem simple.

He will inspire and inform with his keynote addresses and innovation training.......


Innovation Training and Consulting

Our Innovation Consulting work is founded on people who have gained respect built on experience.

If knowledge was all that was needed we could solve the world's problems by simply looking up search engines such as Google or Bing etc .........


Training in "Opportunity Capture"

First in innovation training we use the Matrix Thinking “Opportunity Matrix” to explore
the market landscape. This is one of the most powerful stand alone market intelligence
tools you will ever find, but it so simple you can use it in minutes. ......


IP Strategy and Technology Commercialisation.

IP strategy development needs to be thought through and barriers anticipated.

We deliver and a proper understanding of this space in our innovation training programs.......


Principal and Founder Roger La Salle

Innovation Training (Matrix Thinking) was founded in 1999 by Roger La Salle, a qualified Professional Engineer and Business and Marketing Graduate who has been passionate about innovation. Roger is known the world over for his innovation teachings, IP and product development. He has delivered breakthrough outcomes in every imaginable industry including Technology, Research, Banking, Insurance, Polymers chemistry, Food, Packaging, Telecoms, Safety and even Aviation.
A past Chair of Innovation at “The Queens University” in Belfast and former panellist on the ABC television show “The New Inventors” Roger has assembled a deeply experienced team to deliver innovation training, strategy, culture, change management, product development and IP creation.

A team like no others can match.
As Roger says:
* Knowledge is not Wisdom
* Wisdom comes from experience – and no amount of knowledge can match the wisdom
founded on practise and experience.

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More videos here

Yet another of Roger's TED talks;
and what a blast.

The audience was in fits of laughter as he exploded some myths about crazy things we do.

It's amazing how a top speaker can entertain, innovate and challenge people's thinking all at the same time!


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