How true it is that some of the best ideas fail to get traction. The reasons can be many but in reality there is no reason why barriers and impediments to successful commercialisation cannot be overcome with an approach founded on a proper understanding of business and commercialisation that we deliver in our innovation training programs.

Most often it’s the unforeseen barriers that are the ones that bring you unstuck, Some are technical but most often they are market related, either perceived or real, in many casesbarriers are political and in some cases personal especially if they present a career risk. It’s human traits that need to be understood and negotiated in the most appropriate manner.

One of the big advantages in using external resources to assist in commercialisation is that long held internal relationships are not compromised or where personal risk may be put before organisational good.

We sometimes use our "Outrigger" model to defray organisational risk. This is a classic play used in the past by some of the world's largest organisations.

Matrix Thinking and its approach to innovation training, culture development, strategy and commercialisation has produced some stunning successes with new IP on an international scale.


We commercialise, we don't just talk about Innovation, we actually do it! We practice what we preach and operate our own product development hub. We commercialise our own products as anybody that knows us will testify. We get involved in creation, product development, IP, marketing and commercialisation. We understand business from idea to market and create innovation champions as we work.


All new business initiatives start first, with an idea. Yet even some of the best ideas fail in fulfilment, often for the wrong reasons.

Innovation Training